Byrne & Olga


Byrne & Olga: Dwarven Forgemasters

Occupation: Forgemasters

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DM Notes
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They also have a sister named Olga, a dwarven woman who tagged along to the town and now partners in the crafting.

Byrne enjoys experimenting with new components in crafting and will take on just about any challenge.

Byrne is from the town near the dwarven forge and initially tagged along with the party to get more ingredients for crafting. Since then, they have found a home in Helmport and settled permanently, becoming the town’s forgemaster.


Byrne is a dwarf in their early 40’s ,with short cropped brown hair and a messy beard. They wear fairly heavy armor and look extremely strong. They have a small dragon companion named Lambchop that helps with forging.

Olga looks very similar to Byrne, the largest difference being her long hair that is a shade duller.