Siloh StrongHearth

Siloh StrongHearth: Human Druid

Occupation: Mason Prodigy (Current), Shop Clerk (Former)
Player: Randy

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“A strong army wins battles. A strong hearth wins wars.” -- Saterra StrongHearth to her son Siloh, on many occasions
Before arriving, Siloh was a clerk at a shop "a ways up river". He hasn't said much else about life before.
When Siloh isn't enthusiastically rambling on about "the glorious opportunity" before the settlers, and all the projects he fully intends to complete, you can find him helping tend to the general store, or fiddling with his masonry tools
He often appears to be locked in emotive conversation with the various animals around the area, though he has yet to venture outside the settlement walls.

"Your eyes hold empires in 'em. Conduct yourself in a way that makes you worthy and never, ever, let the sea lay siege to the kingdom inside" -- Wildholm StrongHearth, to his son Siloh, during a night of heavy drinking.


Siloh is slight of stature and full of moxie, eager to make his way in this new frontier. How hard could it be?