Gods & Pantheons

The Triadic Gods

The gods hold a unique position within a divine triad. Three true gods, revered as the creators of the cosmos, remain distant and aloof, observing their creation from the celestial realm. As they embody the fundamental forces of the universe, their influence remains enigmatic, leaving mortals to interpret and revere different facets of their divine essence.

Throughout the ages, diverse groups of worshippers have venerated specific aspects of these true gods, shaping their own unique versions and interpretations. These divergent beliefs have given rise to a pantheon of pseudo-deities, each representing a particular facet of the divine triad. While some followings uphold harmonious reverence, others vie for dominance, leading to profound discord across the continent.

The Triad of True Gods: The true gods encompass the core principles of creation. One deity embodies the essence of life, nurturing the living and bestowing blessings of growth and vitality upon the world. Another embodies the forces of magic, weaving arcane energies that shape reality itself. The third god represents balance and harmony, ensuring the delicate equilibrium of existence.

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God of the Hearth and Home

Covers nature, humanity, living things. Is commonly split into dozens of different aspects.

God of Beasts

Ynas, worshipped by the Kharog Orcs (Flashpoint Rise), is one aspect of the God of Beasts and Nature.

God of the Sea

Non-Triadic Deities

Cerune is a powerful patron residing in the fey forest, taking the shape of a huge elk.