6.14.23 Sunfire Spectacular


Present players and characters:
Adam as Rased
Adrian as Elizabeth Ursus
Randy as Terrall (spelling?)
Teegan as Orinea Egumathala

Before We Began

Starting Question(s)

What has your character been doing in the last two years?
How is your character dressed?


There’s a summer festival going!

The reason for the festival is the celebration of the summer's start. Everything is sun and fire themed, and guests are expected to dress in the colors of the sun, in radiant, beautiful, formal attire.

This is the first time the festival has ever been held in Helmport, which has now been on the map as a town for almost three years. The old capital Solaris used to hold this festival yearly, but Jost Winterbrand was missing the festivities and decided to bring the festival to his new home since he is unable to attend in the capital.


Rumors & Resolutions