Rased: Monkey Goblin Artificer

Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Player: Adam

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Rased is a Monkey Goblin from the Highlands. He is a ranger treasure hunter who was hired to find technology in an artificer lab. While raiding the lab, he came across a large metal gauntlet. The artificer's security went off and many contraptions were set after his party, he put on the gauntlet to help him fight and managed to escape with the party. When he returned to his tribe, he could not take off the gauntlet. Somehow it magically sealed to his arm, causing him a lot of distress. The people he was selling the gauntlet to were out of Goldhollow. The gauntlet mattered more to them than Rased did, so they tried to kill him. He barely escaped and found his way to Helmport, where he has been keeping a low profile ever sense. However, his treasure hunting ways keep him interested in exploring the surroundings in the goal of earning a few quick gold.


Rased stands about 2.5 feet tall and is pure white, except for a black piece of fur below his chin. He wears black trousers and a black vest, with a blue buttoned up shirt underneath. He also has a 2 foot long gauntlet sticking off of his right hand. The gauntlet is made of copper and steel and has ruins on the knuckles that light up when he uses it. He also keeps a backpack on his back and it's absolutely stuffed with various trinkets he's found on his adventures.