Upper Goldhallow


> As you approach the towering stone walls leading into the city, the first thing that strikes you is its impressive size and grandeur. The walls, at least 20 feet high, seem to stretch endlessly in both directions, encircling the bustling city within. Two guard towers mark the gates of Goldhallow, with a guard standing watch over the entrance to the city. > > The gates open to greet you, and you enter Upper Goldhallow. The sounds hit you first - merchants at booths hawking wares, horse-drawn carts clattering past, and the sound of street musicians playing for the crowds. You smell food, incense, and the enticing scent of perfumes wafting through the air. > > The streets are fairly wide and bustling with all different kinds of people. Nobles adorned in rich, vibrant garments pass by you without a second glance. Craftsmen in aprons call out to potential customers, displaying their finely crafted goods. Children run and play, weaving through the crowd easily. You can tell they were probably born and raised here, as they naturally find the path through and around. > > As you venture further into the heart of the city, you come across bustling marketplaces filled with colorful stalls and shops. Traders from all corners of the realm display their exotic wares: silks from distant lands, rare spices, glimmering gems, and even mystical artifacts of unknown origin. > > At night, the city transforms into a magical spectacle. Torches and lanterns light up the streets, casting a warm glow on the bustling nightlife. Taverns and inns come alive with music, laughter, and stories of far-off lands. Performers entertain passersby with mesmerizing displays of magic, acrobatics, and storytelling. > > Upper Goldhallow, a lively tapestry of ideas and cultures, is a beacon of progress in the Cascades. Though it stands tall among the undeveloped landscape, the city has politics and secrets that remain unseen. As you continue your exploration, you realize that within these imposing walls lies a world of adventure and opportunity, ready to unfold before you.

Lower Goldhallow is unfortunately not as well off, and sits just outside the walled Upper Goldhallow.

Locations and Shops

### Shops

The Arcane Emporium: A prestigious magical emporium that sells rare and exotic spell scrolls, potions, enchanted items, and magical artifacts. Run by knowledgeable and eccentric wizards, it's a haven for spellcasters and those seeking mystical wares.

The Steel and Hammer: A blacksmith's workshop renowned for its exceptional weapons, armor, and metalwork. Skilled smiths forge custom-made items and offer repair services, catering to adventurers and knights alike.

Curiosities: A curiosity shop filled with peculiar trinkets, oddities, and mysterious artifacts from distant lands. It's a place where collectors, scholars, and those seeking unique items can satisfy their desire for the unusual.

The Apothecary's Haven: A cozy herbalist shop offering a vast array of medicinal herbs, potions, poultices, and remedies. The knowledgeable apothecary provides healing supplies, antidotes, and remedies for various ailments.

The Mystic Menagerie: A shop that specializes in magical creatures, offering familiars, exotic pets, and rare beasts for sale. It's a favorite haunt for wizards, rangers, and animal enthusiasts who seek companionship in the form of fantastical creatures.

The Bookworm's Retreat: A bookstore and library catering to scholars, mages, and avid readers. It houses a vast collection of tomes, spellbooks, scrolls, and historical texts, with knowledgeable scribes and librarians ready to assist. There are also fine inks, quills, parchment, and beautifully bound journals. Scribes, poets, and wizards frequent this store as well, seeking the tools of their trade and indulging in the art of calligraphy.

The Gilded Garb: A boutique clothing store specializing in fashionable attire for the wealthy and influential. It offers elegant gowns, dashing suits, and stylish accessories tailored to suit the tastes of nobles, socialites, and those seeking to make a statement.

The Thieves' Den: A hidden underground shop, accessible only to those who know the secret password. This shady establishment deals in stolen goods, contraband, and items of dubious legality, attracting rogues, spies, and fence seekers.

The Alchemical Alcove: A shop specializing in alchemical concoctions, potions, and experimental substances. It's frequented by alchemists, tinkerers, and adventurers seeking concoctions that can grant temporary enhancements or bizarre effects.

Merv's Mushrooms: Run by Merv, specializing in different types of mushrooms.

Perfume Shop: Run by Ren, Finn's wife.


The Temple of Serenity: A serene and ornate temple dedicated to a peaceful deity. It offers solace and spiritual guidance to worshippers, featuring beautiful gardens, meditation chambers, and healing rituals performed by devout priests.

The Tower of the Archmage: A towering structure that houses the city's most influential mage and acts as a hub of magical research and learning. It attracts aspiring wizards, scholars, and those seeking magical training.

The Great Library: A vast repository of knowledge and wisdom, housing an extensive collection of ancient tomes, scrolls, and manuscripts. Scholars and researchers flock here to access rare texts, uncover forgotten lore, and seek answers to enigmatic questions.

The Hall of Records: A massive bureaucratic institution responsible for managing official documents, records, and legal affairs. Here, one can find archives of land deeds, birth records, contracts, and other crucial documents. The hall also houses courtrooms and serves as the center of justice.

The Shipping District: A bustling area in the southwest of Goldhallow where goods ship out, mostly to the south. This can be a dangerous place because of the large amount of goods, people, and equipment in the area, but it offers many residents work.