City of Goldhallow


Goldhallow is the largest city to the west of the region's capital, Solaris. Many refugees from Solaris landed here, and it has become a shipping and commerce hub for the region; however, with the booming commerce came a large wealth disparity that plagues the town. The group in power has made very little effort to welcome new arrivals, often forcing those they deem to be trouble to the slums to the west of town. Without access to the luxuries those in Upper Goldhallow enjoy, the outlanders have had to make do with what they had.

Upper Goldhallow is walled, giving the merchants and upper class a high sense of security. People are often out at night shopping, eating, and finding fun. Lower Goldhallow is nothing like this; instead, people struggle and fight over scraps.

To the north, there is a small ranching and farming community that is made up of those from Goldhallow that wanted to start a better life. 
To the south west, there is a large stone bridge that crosses the river, one of the only man-made crossings in this area.