Healing Without Gods

Healing Without Present Gods

This information was found in a book in the Goldhallow Library by Terrall.

Healing can be achieved through various means beyond religious practices. Here are some non-religious methods of healing commonly found in the world:

The gods hold a unique position within a divine triad. Three true gods, revered as the creators of the cosmos, remain distant and aloof, observing their creation from the celestial realm. As they embody the fundamental forces of the universe, their influence remains enigmatic, leaving mortals to interpret and revere different facets of their divine essence.

Throughout the ages, diverse groups of worshippers have venerated specific aspects of these true gods, shaping their own unique versions and interpretations. These divergent beliefs have given rise to a pantheon of pseudo-deities, each representing a particular facet of the divine triad. While some followings uphold harmonious reverence, others vie for dominance, leading to profound discord across the continent. Due to this discord, many have given up on the gods and begun their own practices. This discounting of the gods resulted in diverse methods of spellcasting, healing, and other practices that are often faith-based.


In the Cascades, healing goes beyond mere physical restoration. Alongside the traditional methods, the realm of healing has expanded to encompass not just the body but the mind and spirit as well. Since the Gods are rather... hands off, society has had to learn to rely on other methods entirely for healing.

Psychic and Psionic Healing: In recent times, the understanding of the mind and psionic arts has grown, enabling adventurers to delve into the realm of psychic healing. Psionic practitioners tap into the innermost thoughts and emotions of beings, offering mental aid during traumatic times. These healers use their powers to soothe emotional wounds, alleviate fear, and bring clarity to troubled minds. Such abilities are invaluable in the face of horrors that can scar the soul as much as the flesh.

Artifacts of Healing: Through their journeys, adventurers have stumbled upon ancient relics and artifacts imbued with potent healing powers. These mystical objects radiate energies that mend the wounded, rejuvenate the weary, and restore life force to those on the brink of death.

Interwoven Disciplines: In the diverse societies of the realm, healing has become a harmonious blend of disciplines. Alchemists collaborate with wizards, druids exchange knowledge with psychic healers, and all explore the boundaries of healing through the intersection of their respective arts. This collaboration has brought forth new therapies and treatments that surpass the limitations of any one tradition.

Elemental Healing: Some may access the healing powers of specific elemental forces. Elemental healing is a unique form of restorative power that taps into the energies of the elemental planes. Characters attuned to specific elemental forces can draw upon their connection to these primordial energies to heal themselves and others, making them formidable healers with distinctive abilities. Each attunement to an elemental force grants unique abilities that reflect the essence of the chosen element. Beings who embrace this form of healing can delve into the elemental mysteries, drawing upon the primal forces of nature to mend wounds, restore health, and protect their companions.
1. Water Healing (Aquaric Restoration): Characters aligned with the element of water can harness its soothing and purifying properties to mend wounds and cleanse afflictions. They may create healing waters that invigorate and rejuvenate, or use their connection to the oceans and rivers to bring comfort and relief to those in need. Water healers can also manipulate the flow of moisture to promote natural regeneration and hydration.
2. Fire Healing (Pyrokinetic Recovery): Those attuned to the element of fire possess the ability to channel its transformative and regenerative essence. Fire healers can generate healing flames that cauterize wounds, stimulate cell growth, and banish toxins. They may also use controlled burns to clear infections or promote healing through controlled destruction.
3. Earth Healing (Geomantic Vitalization): Characterized by grounding and stability, earth healers draw upon the element of earth to reinforce the body's natural resilience. They can create salves and poultices using minerals and earthen materials, fostering recovery and strengthening the physical form. Earth healers may also manipulate the earth's energies to mend fractures, mend broken bones, and mend injuries sustained from falls or impacts.
4. Air Healing (Aeromantic Revival): Air healers are attuned to the element of air's life-giving breath. They use gentle currents to promote circulation, restore stamina, and invigorate the body. Air healers may also create revitalizing breezes that ease pain, alleviate fatigue, and support recovery from exhaustion. Their ability to manipulate air currents allows them to move with agility and finesse, facilitating both offense and healing.
5. Elemental Fusion (Elemental Fusionists): Some characters may possess the unique ability to blend two or more elemental affinities, becoming elemental fusionists. These healers draw upon the healing aspects of multiple elements, combining their energies to create powerful and versatile healing effects. By harmonizing elemental forces, fusionists can mend complex injuries, cure ailments, and provide holistic healing to their allies.
6. Elemental Conduits (Elemental Conduits): Rare individuals known as elemental conduits have a profound connection to the elemental planes, acting as living channels for elemental energies. They serve as intermediaries between their allies and the elemental forces, channeling these energies into healing spells and revitalizing abilities. Elemental conduits can adapt their healing techniques based on the environment and the elemental forces present, making them invaluable assets in a wide range of scenarios.

In this ever-evolving world of magic, the pursuit of healing continues to be a long, but fruitful journey. Beyond the divine, adventurers find solace in the embrace of naturalistic remedies, the potency of arcane spells, and the wonder of psionic arts. The fusion of these healing methods marks a new era, offering boundless possibilities for those who walk the path of glory and survival. As they venture forth, they discover that healing, in all its facets, is not just a means to an end but a source of hope and restoration in the face of relentless challenges.