Ruinhilde Grovewarden

Ruinhilde Grovewarden: Eladrin Fighter

Occupation: Village Guard, Baker (hobby) ;
Player: Adam

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Ruinhilde's mother, Scarlett, met her father, H'eratiio during a celebration of the Fey. They had a very fun time and some months later, Ruinhilde was born. She was born blue in skin and with ice white hair. Her grandfather, a baker with many children, told his daughter that she would bring ruin on the family and kicked her and her small child out. Scarlett and Ruinhilde traveled from town to town, her mother picking up bakers jobs wherever she could. Ruinhilde soon found that she had the ability to magically shift from one place to another around her and enjoyed that freedom. She was strong, able to keep her own in the bigger cities as a teenager... her mother died some years ago, 70? 80? It all melds together. Ruinhilde traveled back to her home village, hoping to meet the man her mother often talked about... but the celebration was not occurring yearly anymore, as Fey/Mortal relations had worsened over time. Since her mother died, Ruinhilde has worked for everything she has and became a bakers apprentice herself, but she was never great at it. She ended up becoming the "face" of the shop and let the professionals do the work in the back. Until one day, when battle came to her city, and the bakery was destroyed in the fighting. Ruinhilde, down on her luck and blue as the day she was born, found a notice board offering a new start... she took it. Now that she is out west, she is trying to protect others and joined the city watch. She also has started gardening outside of her tent, trying to grow wheat that could be turned into delicacies like her mother used to make.


Ruinhilde stands 5.5 feet tall, her skin and hair color changes with the seasons and her mood. Currently, she is in Spring Form and her skin is a pale green and hair is a bright yellow. Her hair is shoulder length with bangs that cross her face. She has not seen much fighting, and besides a few light burns on her hands and lower arms, seems to reflect a mid-20s woman, even through she is 102 years old.