Therus the Relentless

Therus the Relentless: Tiefling Bandit

Occupation: Former bandit captain, Current prisoner

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DM Notes


Therus the Relentless is the leader of the bandit group The Scarlet Horns. As the founder and current leader, he has been wanted by law enforcement, adventuring groups, and other crime organizations alike. The loss of life, money, and resources that he has taken seems to be overwhelming.

After accepting a bounty on him, the party found him on a ranch just north of Goldhallow. Seemingly a reformed man, Therus explained that he disbanded the group and decided to live a new life as a rancher. This did not persuade the group from capturing him and collecting the bounty on his head offered by Jost Winterbrand.

Therus is currently still sitting in jail in the Great Hall. He has been in custody for around two full years, all while the rest of the Scarlet Horns rebuild.


Therus is described as a red tiefling with large branching horns with delicate designs carved into them. He has entirely black eyes and black hair with a thin braid.