Echo's Bane Fighting Ring


The fighters in this pit are both voluntary fighters and captured from the road.

Voluntary fighters tend to come from the area and are looking for fame or cash. Most often they find the flyer and seek out the ring, as our heroes have.
Involuntary fighters are typically captured in the streets of Goldhallow, beat into submission by roaming squadrons. There are fewer involuntary fighters than voluntary, but they are there nonetheless. They are amassing an army to grow in power around Upper Goldhallow, which they are typically kept out of and want utter control of.

The pit is obviously illegal, but entirely overlooked and unregulated by anyone but Fearyl and the Echo's Bane. The organization makes money through bets and a thriving trafficking ring.  Some fighters are no-nonsense, some are billed as almost a play. Sponsors will send things into the ring, spectators will do things like throw objects or covertly sling spells.


Layout of Underground Area