The Galleon


In Lower Goldhallow lies the Galleon, a tavern full of these outlanders. In the back of this tavern sits a small, hidden entrance to an underground fighting ring that rivals the size of downtown Goldhallow. The ring has few rules, but the ones that are in place are of deadly importance.

The Galleon is a mid-size tavern- seeming to be a whiskey bar. Bottles are lined up on the wall behind the barkeep, a huge oak bar stretching in front of him. It’s a nice place- seems to be kept well and clean. There is a back with a few rooms for rent.

Booths are lined on the wall on either side of the bar, upholstered with Bulette hide. They are rough and slightly uncomfortable, but the drunks don’t seem to mind much.


A local thieves' guild, Echo's Bane, runs this tavern and the fighting ring associated with it. Faeryl Omri is the leader of the Echo's Bane fighting ring, which takes place underneath this bar.

Benjamin Damaris is the barkeep and owner, a bright eyed, round faced elf with dark hair.