East Steppes


The East Steppes belong to the beastclans. Due to the past relations with outsiders, these communities can be immediately hostile to anyone outside the beastclans. 

The steppes are similar to an Arizona desert, with tall columns of striated rock, dry cracked ground, and cacti and shrubs all around the landscape. The sun seems oppressive during the day, but night time is cold and unforgiving. At the top of some of the more sturdy plateaus, you can see a few tents sitting up top and fires to keep warm with.

As you go into the steppes, you can see some little camps set up on top of the spires. You also see some lean to’s formed from canvas and ropes rigged up at the bases of the spires. This seems to go on for a while. There are some stone steps up to the top that seem to be shoddily build, but sturdy enough to use safely. Wooden suspension bridges connect the tops of each rock formations, and there are ruins that are used as shelter.


Common races found here include centaurs, minotaurs, Gnolls, and yuan-ti. Many of these groups are nomadic.

#Gnoll have proved themselves to be quite good with hunting and even have some skills in diplomacy.
#Tabaxi are excellent at finding, identifying, and procuring rare items. They seem to be able to blend into their surroundings and have the patience to wait for an opportune time to strike.
#Centaur are organized well within this area and have strong connections to the centaur clans in the Flashpoint Rise. They are the most friendly of the groups in this area.
#YuanTi in this area are rather clandestine and seem hostile.


- The party met a group of Gnolls and managed to befriend them - leader Gorth, and Grom, Gunner, & Gork.