Lake Mari


As you approach the ponds, the scent of lavender draws you in on a gentle breeze.. The water from the nearby river laps against it’s banks, covering the small noises of your party. An owl’s screeching call cuts through the night. Up ahead, a row of tall trees stand on the far bank, obscuring most of your view. Bats fly around seemingly randomly in the darkness. Between the trunks and branches you can see the unmistakable flicker of a crackling fire.

The lake has rumors of a princess’ demise and the hidden treasure that goes hand in hand with her death.


There was a camp of bandits who were preying on pilgrims making their way along the nearby road, knowing that this was a spot where caravans often lead their horses to water.

A local group of adventurers cleared the bandit camp and captured Anders, who gave them information leading to the bandit leader Therus the Relentless.