7.5-20.23 Building the Guild

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The group of Rased, Elizabeth Ursus, Orinea Egumathala, and Terrall want to build an adventurer's guild in the town of Helmport.

The purpose of this guild will be to improve the community, solve problems, and do quests to make the area overall safer. The players will need to acquire a guild license to be officially recognized, build a guild hall, and name their guild.


Anyone want to use a token?
What has your character been doing since the last session?
What would your character's primary role be in the guild?

Rased - working with Pyrha, bonding with dog! 5 gold earned.

!!Note Name
![[D&D 5e Fortresses, Temples, and Strongholds - Building Options.pdf]]


Task 1: building a guild hall

To build in the town of Helmport, it would be a good idea to speak to the Herald. You can find some land and get a building permit, but to do so you must present a plan for construction and a fee of 500gp. In addition, you must either hire merchants to do the work for you OR find the materials yourself.

Guildhall or lodge. A large and often-storied house dedicated to housing members of a guild, typically all of a single profession or adventurous bent. Contains semi-private quarters for up to 25 individuals, and a free dining hall that costs neither room points nor gold.


Let's Run Some Errands!

Jitters & Tidings is having you escort some merchant friends to Goldhallow in return for money and manpower to build the guildhall.

found a Note with cypher in it.
Note with cypher:

Continued - July 8

The party is taking the carts to Goldhallow. This is an escort mission to bring the merchants to GH safely, as a favor for Jitters and a show of goodwill and to build up the guild further. They are going to run into bandits heavily during this trip, as it is two days and they are hauling a cart full of goods.

They are about a half day through the trip and have run into 4 bandits - 2 lackeys and 2 captains. They have the captains captive in the carts as well.

Landmarks seen:
-Large thorn tangles, with large gouges out of the ground.

Traveling merchants names are Leigh and Ulric.

Overnight, someone takes watch and has an encounter.
-Thunderstorm - its raining, lightning, they set up a place to rest and watch as a huge blue figure flies just above the clouds, coming from the east.

What happened?

Continued Part 3 - July 20th

They are about a three quarters of the way through the trip and have run into 6 bandits - 2 lackeys and 2 captains, plus two more with giant moose mounts. They have the captains captive in the carts as well.


2- Broken Leg
Your speed on foot is halved, and you must use a cane or crutch to move. You fall prone after using the Dash action. You have disadvantage on Dexterity checks made to balance. If your leg is splinted with a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check, then magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, mends the broken leg , or it will heal naturally in 8 weeks. If it is not splinted before it’s healed or allowed to heal, the effects remain until it is rebroken and splinted.

Orinea Egumathala -
4- Internal Injury
Whenever you attempt an action in combat, you must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, you lose your action and can’t use reactions until the start of your next turn. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, cure the injury, or if you spend ten days doing nothing but resting, it will heal naturally.


As you travel, you pass the bleached remains of a huge creature. vultures are circling. If you move closer, you can see moss and vines growing on the bones.

Goldhallow Intro (from page)

As you approach the towering stone walls leading into the city, the first thing that strikes you is its impressive size and grandeur. The walls, at least 30 feet high, seem to stretch endlessly in both directions, encircling the bustling city within. Two guard towers mark the gates of Goldhallow, with a guard standing watch over the entrance to the city.

The gates open to greet you, and you enter Upper Goldhallow. The sounds hit you first - merchants at booths hawking wares, horse-drawn carts clattering past, and the sound of street musicians playing for the crowds. You smell food, incense, and the enticing scent of perfumes wafting through the air.

The streets are fairly wide and bustling with all different kinds of people. Nobles adorned in rich, vibrant garments pass by you without a second glance. Craftsmen in aprons call out to potential customers, displaying their finely crafted goods. Children run and play, weaving through the crowd easily. You can tell they were probably born and raised here, as they naturally find the path through and around.

As you venture further into the heart of the city, you come across bustling marketplaces filled with colorful stalls and shops. Traders from all corners of the realm display their exotic wares: silks from distant lands, rare spices, glimmering gems, and even mystical artifacts of unknown origin.

At night, the city transforms into a magical spectacle. Torches and lanterns light up the streets, casting a warm glow on the bustling nightlife. Taverns and inns come alive with music, laughter, and stories of far-off lands. Performers entertain passersby with mesmerizing displays of magic, acrobatics, and storytelling.

Upper Goldhallow, a lively tapestry of ideas and cultures, is a beacon of progress in the Cascades. Though it stands tall among the undeveloped landscape, the city has politics and secrets that remain unseen. As you continue your exploration, you realize that within these imposing walls lies a world of adventure and opportunity, ready to unfold before you.

When they get to Goldhallow:

Back in Helmport


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