Orinea Egumathala

Orinia ‘Kinless’ Egumathala: Goliath Fighter (Rune Knight)

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Player: Teegan

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Orinia came from a small tribe of other Goliaths, she grew up with her parents, as well as three older siblings–Nathi, Geamith, and Mearok. Unlike the traditional tribes of Goliaths, who respected the tradition of honor and trust, Orinia’s tribe was one of unfaithfulness and hatred, at least towards some. Growing up, Orinia was the outsider of her family, although she did not lack the strength or sentiments of her siblings. At 15, her parents planned a fight, a training session as they proposed between Orinia and her eldest sibling, Nathi. Although it became very clear that this was not a training session, it was mortal combat, and Orinia’s parents did not intend for her to win. But she did. This night was the eve of the end and the beginning, Orinia was exiled, she was lost, she had nothing.

After a few months of wandering, just trying to survive in this unknown world, Orinia came into contact with a group of individuals she would soon come to call her family. Burana, a Dragonborn with a heart of fire; Bernie, a Halfling with a strength unparalleled; Vanon, an intuitive and quick-thinking Hobgoblin; Aruget, a parent-like Goblin; and Hecat, a loyal and creative Tiefling. You could not call them adventurers, rather, they were just a group of kids doing their best to live. They traveled, drank, sang, and sometimes fought. At the age of 19, Orinia ran. After running for so long, she found herself in the town of Helmport, where she has taken to working in the fighting ring.

Since leaving her family, Orinia has taken to following the religion of Kuliak, the goddess of the dead and of exiles. She has taken great lengths to learn more about her goddess, even going so far as to think about becoming a cleric of Kuliak.


Standing at 7’ 8”, Orinia is a 21-year-old female goliath. Her tough, grey skin coincides with the distinctive dark patches across her body. She has long, black hair, typically tied up in a ponytail, with dark blue, almost black eyes.