Fey-Charged Forest


A sprawling botanical wonderland filled with vibrant and magical flora. The gardens are imbued with mystical energies, housing rare plants with extraordinary properties. It's a serene retreat for nature lovers, druids, and those seeking the healing powers of nature.

The forest is typically a calm and peaceful area, protected by heavy magic rather than brute strength. There is an abundance of animals and plants for food, as well as invaluable knowledge buried deep in the libraries of the societies that call it home. Making contact with these tribes would allow for much more magical knowledge.

The wood has deep green foliage and gigantic trees- larger than any you have ever seen. There are occasionally wooden bridges going from tree to tree, but they seem to be formed from the branches themselves rather than built by anyone’s hands. They also seem empty and unused, at least for a while. As you begin to cross the threshold of the forest, the sun that was previously oppressively bright in the sky seems to dim, covered by the light canopy forming as you go. This forest seems to glow slightly and you can feel the life and movement of the forest as soon as you cross the treeline. Traveling further, the flora and fauna seem to begin glowing, even little spores of bioluminescent light rising as you go.


Common races found here include bunnyfolk, elves, and more that have yet to be discovered.


The Moon Pool

The Stone Dome

The Eladrin